Situated in central Gillitts, Fun Kids is Upper Highway’s hive for modern moms specialising in toddler play based, educational classes focusing on early childhood developmental skills such as fine motor skills, gross motor skills, music, arts and crafts, song and rhyme, sensory play and a time for moms to spend quality time with their little ones.


Fun Kids offers stimulating, interactive classes for mums and tots aged 1 years old to 3 years old.

In each class we cover a range of age appropriate themes and topics that your child will experience in their little world.  We explore these exciting themes through sensory and tactile play, music, arts and craft, gross and fine motor activities, as well as social and emotional skills to ensure the early childhood developmental milestones are met.

The lesson will be 90 minutes long with 45-60 minutes of indoor activities and 30-45minutes of structured outdoor play.

During this time mums can socialise and enjoy refreshments while their little one is engaged and active during stimulating free play.

Classes are a wonderful meeting place for mothers to get to know fellow moms and babes in their community, as well as, make new friends.

The lessons will run according to School Terms with one lesson a week for each age group.

Fun with Music (18 months – 3 years)

Fridays will involve a new class filled with music and dancing in Term 1. Feel free to double up on this class as an extra! This class will entail 45 minutes of music, dance, instruments and an exciting story according to the weekly theme. The remainder of the 90 minutes will be outdoors, building social skills and muscular development. A musical instrument will be made in each class, out of recyclable materials to be taken home, as a souvenir from your morning.

Our Programme

This programme has been designed by a qualified Educator with:

* Bachelor of Education Degree

* Remedial Qualifications

* First Aid & CPR Certificates (Updated)

* Experience (10 + years in the field)

* Fellow mom of a toddler

12 to 18 months

18 to 24 months

2 to 3 years


Each term we work out exactly how many weeks are in that term and exclude the public holidays to ensure you only pay for classes you will be at.

Please email us ([email protected]) for current term prices.


The Queen Bee’s

We are sister in laws who both had our very first babies within 7 months of each other, so are fortunate to have the help and support of each other during and after pregnancy.  It made us realise just how much mom’s need to share, learn and lean on other mom’s who are too experiencing the same joys of motherhood.

We found that while being “stay at home moms” we were always looking for things keep us and our babies entertained, we craved adult interaction and loved being around other moms and babies of similar ages.  With the perfect location and an already established name in the Hillcrest area, we decided to start our own Funnell enterprise, namely Fun Kids.

Lauren is married to Brad, owner of Funnell Cars.  They stay in Winston Park and have recently built their home there.  In May 2017 they welcomed their handsome little boy, Sebastian Jude, into the world.  Lauren has lived in Kloof all her life and was previously an interior designer with a well known Hillcrest company.  She comes from a huge family filled with children and absolutely adores being around little ones.



Tarryn is married to Brendon, owner of Funnell Properties.  They have lived in Gillitts since getting married in 2010.  In October 2016 they had a beautiful little girl, Frankie Rae.  Tarryn is a qualified teacher specialising in early childhood development and remedial teaching.  Tarryn worked as a Grade 1 and 2 teacher for 7 years at Penzance Primary School and prior to that, spent a year at Livingstone Primary as an intern. Tarryn’s passion is embracing modern teaching trends and philosophies to teach babies and toddlers.